Star customer rating from One Step Ahead, the nations premier children’s product retailer! See what their customers said after using the “Ride On Carry On”

According to customer survey from Leaps and Bounds and One Step Ahead 100% of their customers would recommend the Ride On to their friends!

I can’t tell you how valuable these Ride On Carry On’s were to our family on our trip to Atlanta. On previous trips, our 4 year old daughter was too big for a stroller, but would still get tired of walking after awhile and our busy 2 year old son would scream everytime he got strapped into a conventional stroller. Once we tried the carry-on’s out at home, the kids were instantly hooked and thought it was FUN to be wheeled around. We were able to get to our gates on time for connections ( though it was close at times from stopping to tell anyone that asked, “where did you get that…we’ve got to have one!” ) Bottom line is great invention, great price, great peace of mind for parents!
– Kelli Costello, Veazie ME

It had to be a mom that invented this chair!! It is just the best thing ever. We traveled with my 15 month old son to Florida for the first time and I was very nervous about lugging everything through the airport with him. Honestly when I saw this in your catalog I thought it was too good to be true and it wouldn’t work well. Boy was I wrong! It was an absolute breeze traveling with this chair! Everyone we passed commented on how great it was. Fabulous Fabulous idea!
-Jennifer Petrik, Abington MD

“I just got back from a solo trip to Florida, and this chair was a lifesaver!!! It was just my son and me and without this chair from One Step Ahead, I don’t think I could’ve done it. Daniel loved the ride and we got a ton of compliments at the airports. The headrest converting to a traytable was very helpful during airport layover and meal times.
-Susan S., Minneapolis

Like other mom’s, this chair is a great idea. My 14 months son loves this chair whenever we travel. It’s convenient and it eliminates the worry with checking in his stroller with the chance of the airline damaging the stroller. We get all kinds of compliments and head turns. Sometimes I use it at night to rock him to sleep! It’s a must if you travel alone or if you travel alot, like we do!
-Mai Bixner, Denver, CO

I just got back from a 2 week trip from VA to CA. I traveled with my 3 year old in the chair and my 5 month old in the Snuggly. I have to say that this chair was my saving grace on several very long flights. No more struggling to make flights on the other side of the airport, and no more going through security with the stroller1 This was a great buy for me, and I think everyone who travels with little ones should have it!
-K.L. Virginia Beach VA

We just got back from a trip to Eastern Europe . We went through 7 airports, 3 of them major international airports. Through the crowds and delays our 16 month old happily rode, ate and napped in the chair. It is so much easier to maneuver than a stroller since it is right behind you. The bag with the chair on it easily fit in the overhead bin. It is well built, sturdy and easy to install. The straps are efficient in keeping the baby in the seat. This chair is worth it’s weight in gold!
-Natasa Corn, Fountain, CO

This is the greatest item! The perfect solution for our Disney trip with 2 five year olds and a two year old. We can’t imagine how hard it would’ve been to get through the airport without this cool item. Our toddler had a blast being pulled around, while our attention could be on our other young kids and the rest of our luggage. It is an ingenious product and a dozen people commented on it, including airline employees at the security checkpoint! Best purchase this year!
-not signed

The Ride On Carry On was a total lifesaver during our recent trip! As the mother of a 3 year old who loves to ‘take off and run’, it was so nice to know that he was strapped in safe. He LOVES “his” chair and thinks it’s the coolest ride! I love how the chair stays attached to the suitcase and I can just fold it up right there and stow the suitcase or run it through security. As I watched other parents struggle with strollers and kids running wild, I was so happy to have this chair!
-Tina Merritt, Virginia Beach VA

I have used this chair on many, many flights now and I cannot say what a lifesaver it is! My daughter is now 3 and everywhere I go I am stopped and asked about it. In fact, I got back from a trip abroad yesterday and would have missed my connection if it hadn’t been for the ability to race across the airport pulling her behind. This chair is amazing and I’m buying some as gifts for others. I highly recommend this!!
-Melinda Murphy, Fayetteville, AR

What a great idea, I have a 3 year old and a 15 month old and they both loved these chairs, ( I bought 2) . It made traveling so much easier and the grandmothers actually ended up wheeling them through the airport, they were that easy to wheel around! We received many looks and compliments and questions where I bought these. Keep up the good work on your products and I am sure to be a loyal customer for a long time.
-Wendy Egerton, ME

We do alot of flying and frequently my husband can’t come. It was so nice to not take a stroller on the flight!It freed up my hands and I wasn’t doing the normal balancing act! The Ride On Carry On was easier to use and my son really likes it!
-Heidi Van Etten, Fort Bragg NC

We just returned from our trip with our 8 month old daughter. It was her first time flying and we were going all the way to Australia. The Ride On Carry On was such a lifesaver. Just be ready to answer lots of questions about where you got it and if you invented it!
– Erin J, IL

WOW! I can’t say enough about this Ride On carrier. Not only does my 19 month old daughter LOVE it (has since she was 10 months old), but the remarks from at least 6 people in every airport we visit made it worth the price…”Isn’t it the coolest thing?” “Wish they made a big one for adults!” “I’ve never seen anything like that – what an ingenious idea!” …the list is endless. Of course, the fact that it folds flat for storage is a big reason to own one!
-Lisa, Melbourne Beach, FL

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! The Ride On Carry On made traveling alone with a 15 month old a snap! It is so easyto attach and easy to use. I loved that it went right down the aisle of the airplane, right to my seat! When we arrived at our destination I opened the seat right in the aisle and my son jumped in and away we went! I had many mothers of toddlers say they wish they had one because they noticed I didn’t need additional arms to handle all the stuff and a stroller too. BUY THIS – you won’t regret it!!
– Luke’s mommy, NY

I work for an airline and when I saw the Ride On Carry On, I wouldn’t leave the couple alone until they told me where I could get one for my 4 year old! You think struggling with one stroller, try 5 or more per flight. This would make my job so much easier if everyone had one! As well as fatherhood…FANTASTIC!
– Ryan S, Las Vegas, NV

AWESOME! The Ride On Carry On is one of the best purchases I ever made as a mom.
– Danielle, Maple Grove MN

I traveled on my own with a 3 year old to Australia and back, and this Ride On carry On saved my sanity. With all the getting through airports and terminal changes and the amount of people and security to go throughI wanted a huge flashing sign that said, “IF YOU TRAVEL WITH KIDS YOU HAVE TO OWN ONE OF THESE!” If I got a look my way…One Step came out of my mouth,
best money I ever spent. I couldn’t believe I didn’t see another one! I wish I had found it sooner, 5 HUGE STARS & 2 THUMBS UP!!
– Thea, Aberdeen NC

Now just a few that we have received via e-mail:

Dear Randy,
I bought you Ride On Carry On after reading about it in the Wall Street Journal. I have a 2.5 year old and a 6 month old and traveling with them both can be a trick.
This Christmas I had to travel to NY from CA and was dreading trying to manage a stroller with all the other gear I had to bring. Your product made the difference! My sone LOVES it, he will happily come over and sit for the ride, whereas a stroller has always been a battle. Even for short trips just by myself with the 2 kids, it just makes everything easier. I have given out your website to at least 20 people in airports in the past 6 months alone. Fabulous design, durable product, I LOVE it!!
Keep up the good work! Cheers!
-Team Unger , Kimberly, Marc, Lex and Mojo

I bought it for my grandson and he loves it but my daughter-in-law loves it more! Thanks so much for such an inventive solution for traveling with kids.
– Martha J, Miami, FL

I can’t believe how convenient the Ride On Carry On is. I got it as a gift and I wasn’t sure until I buckled my daughter in and took her for a ride. She loved it!
Flying was a breeze! Thanks again!
– Liz S, St. Louis, MO

The Ride On Carry On was such a fun shower gift. Finally something other than the traditional onesie or bouncy seat. It was such a hit with all the new mom’s!
– Tammy K, Denver, CO

We LOVE the Ride On Carry On. Thanks to the Flight Attendant mom!
– Sally M, Norristown, PA

I bought two for my twins and my husband and I are thrilled! I no longer dread the trip to my parents! We had such fun and couldn’t get over all the pointing in the airports. we will never fly without them!
– Heather G. , Chicago, IL

I LOVE you contraption! I live overseas and fly back to the states at least twice a year. As a single mom this is a lifesaver (or a sanity saver)! I get the best looks toting my tot through the airports. Thanks for making my life easier!
– Kim and Khaily (age 2) Germany

and the list goes on and on but you get the idea . . .

We never get tired of hearing from you though, it keeps us going. We also love pictures to add to our site of all your travels, so please e-mail us your photos and travel stories. Thanks for all your support!!

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* After using the Ride On Carry On many of our customers are interested in selling the Ride On out of their house as a means to make alittle extra money. We are always looking for local distributors and retailers to help spread the word. Please contact us for pricing and other details.